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Sound and music magician Viktor "Slim Vic" Zeidner is a tireless chameleon in the Swedish electronic music scene. With a background as a technically skilled DJ in the house genre, he likes to mix influences from all corners of the world.

• 1/4 Live and DJ at Christoffer Andersson Bång release party
• 18/4 DJ Quiz at Musikhuset Gävle
• 21/4 Live with Sven Fredrik at Fylkingen Stockholm
• 25/4 DJ at Forksare AW at Musikhuset Gävle
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Album: Mörkrets Narr

“In one respect, the album can be placed in a musical variant of the literary genre Scandinavian Noir; a dark and almost objective style with layers upon layers of cinematic content. It is music where the listener gets to think - and feel - themself. Very little is formatted and molded in this form of ambient, although at times it can be perceived as realistic and precise without unnecessary musical sprinkling.” /Mikael Strömberg

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