Slim Vic is one of Sweden´s leading innovators of the DJ and turntable culture. With one foot in the urban club music and the other in art music he combines the different worlds and constantly moving the boundaries of what is technically and musically possible within the traditional and proven context. With turntable as his main instrument and a worldwide crate digging obsession his set always feels unique and filled with passion, both when we hear him live or as a DJ (maybe its the same). The combination of ambient and art music on records to funky house and eclectic styles in the DJ both has taken him all around the world for over 2500 performances.

Slim has done colaborations on records with AKB, Lehnberg, Görgen Antonsson and Singular and is a member of imrpoband Hawaii (Johan Sundberg), metalband Dieselkopf, improband OLÅT (Eva Lindal, Thomas Bjelkeborn & Ida Lundén)  and avant-garde band Alderholmens Futuristiska (Olle Oljud & LEHNBERG).

Slim Vic is the director of Lamour Records. Since 2012 they have released over 100 records, both limited avant-garde ambient releases and Swedish grammy nominated techno artists. Lamour organize festivals and club nights in Sweden and Europe. The label also run Lamour Record Store in Gävle with a fine selection of Nordic electronic music on cassette and vinyl, Lamour Record Store.

Slim Vic & Görgen med G

Sound artist Slim Vic & folk musician Görgen Antonsson live at Gävle konstcentrum. The two musicians first appeared on stage in 2016 when they were invited to create a show to the opening ceremony of the Eurovision song contest in Gävle. Their widely separated musical backgrounds led to a hypnotic and explosive meeting between ambient, techno and folk music. Playful and serious, contemplative and dancing!

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